Why Hard Enduro Spain? First of all because we are the only one in Spain where you can already drive the latest KTM 300(2020)! In addition, as a young company, we make it just that little bit more challenging. The rides we provide are focused on good technique and difficult descents and climbs. Pushing boundaries, so that you are truly satisfied and look back on your own achievements with adrenaline!

With us, you really only drive off the road, perhaps 5% on paved roads before crossing or to refuel. You can drive hundreds of kilometres without crossing the same path twice. Lloret de Mar is beautifully situated and nature and the undiscovered places continue to amaze us.

Every day a different route will be driven, in consultation with you as a group, tailored to your wishes in terms of difficulty and level. (So don’t be afraid of our name, it’s pushing limits tailor-made). You will be taken along with one of our local guides for an unforgettable experience.

Hard Enduro Spain is open all year round. In summer, it is only too hot at noon for a daytime ride, so our Daily programme will be slightly different. In the afternoon it is lovely to take part in other activities, such as spending time at our swimming pool or driving to one of the beautiful beaches nearby. 

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