About us

At the age of five, Robin was already on a motorbike and in his teenage years his father made him take his bike in and out himself if he wanted to ride. Many enduro rides further at home and abroad, including twice participating in Erzberg, he finally fell for the beautiful forests of Catalonia. After a visit to Lloret de Mar this area turned out to be perfect for off the road driving. Because of the endless paths and possibilities, but especially because of the climate, it was a dream to live here.

Let us introduce

Since January 2019 we, Robin Boeschoten and Lynn Jonkers-Boeschoten are proud owners of Casa la Vida. After many viewings we actually fell for this nice little house, especially because of the beautiful location in the suburb Lloret Verd (literally: Lloret Green). From our house you can see the sun rising from the mountains every morning; you couldn’t have wished for a better start of the day. Well, actually; by getting on your bike right after breakfast to explore the mountains!

With the creation of Casa la Vida in combination with Robin’s passion for (Hard) Enduro driving, Hard Enduro Spain was born. How lovely is it when you can share this passion? Want to experience the most beautiful views, descents and climbs with others?

Imagine: Leave early in the morning with a nice group of friends after a tasty breakfast (provided by Lynn), go into the mountains with a professional guide, have a local lunch in the afternoon on the way until you return to Casa la Vida satisfied at the end of the day. Then, after a nice hot shower, leave for the city to dine and drink some litres of Sangria. We wish you the same experience!